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Engage Consult Training 


The basic training session covers how to deal with requests and upload them to your clinical system.


The intermediate training session covers how to effectively use all of the features on Engage Consult.


The advanced training session covers how to manage Engage Consult effectively for your practice and gives you the knowledge to train other staff on the use of the system.

Contact the Training Team

Contact us to book training sessions for Engage Consult and Engage Touch

  • 01263 834648 ext. 59


"The training was very useful having no prior experience with Engage Consult, I left feeling confident I could find my way around the platform with ease."

"Anna is always making sure everyone is up to speed as she goes along the course and the training context is perfect and the pace is great. Thank you."

"Anna explains everything very well and is concise with the information. There is no wasted time with information or explanations that are not required which is great when we are always so pressed for time."
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